Storeroom Order Form


The web-based electronic form is now the new method for placing orders with the storeroom. Ordering procedures and practices will be the same but all existing carbon WHITE/YELLOW paper copies will be removed from service.

Chris Gradel

Purchasing Agent

Chris Gradel operates the Storeroom in room B119 where all building ordering and receiving takes place. The storeroom maintains a stock of over 800 different items, including general research and administrative supplies. Chris also maintains blanket orders with a large number of common scientific suppliers. See Chris first with supply orders.

Feel free to ask him about a Bock Labs value-enhanced-service, the Freezer Program, located on campus. Examples of products available locally (i.e., Babcock, Biotech, Microbial Sciences) include DNA, RNA, enzymes, clean-up kits and acrylamide from Invitrogen and others, featuring a 5% price discount.

Chris is also responsible for distributing radiation dosimeters on a quarterly basis. The report for the previous period is posted in room B119. Check your name on this report quarterly. If you do not have a dosimeter and need one, please see your Lab Manager or P.I. Be aware that if you need to work with any radioactive materials, you must take a Radiation Safety course ( After completing the course and submitting a dosimeter request form, Radiation Safety will mail your dosimeter to Chris who will then distribute it to you.